Emoticon for the car?



Have you ever seen a car that can communicate? I am not talking about cars in cartoon series who can talk loudly like people can, im laying technology on the table for those who wants to show sentiments to others who are driving along the highway.




Introducing the driving LED emoticon. This device is battery operated, and it is a wirelessly controlled message sign that can be attached to the rear window of the car using a suction cup which is included in the package. A remote control unit is available for you to control and activate messages by pressing one of its buttons.

It displays 5 different messages : smiling face, wink, back off, smile and sorry. These emoticons are designed for different situations, its upto you to decide what emoticons to consider flashing.


note : check your local law before using.

 Specifications :

It can 5 different messages 

Mounts on the inside of the rear car window

Choose different messages using the wireless remote

Main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries

Dimensions: 6″ dia x 1.25″ thick (approximate)

It has a power save mode

Why wait? Get it here
and give your lovable car that power to do emoticons and spice your driving life up!!

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