Electric Shock Lie Detector: Do not dare to speak a lie

How many times do you lie in one day? Well, I think every body lies at some point and better lies are the best lies if they aren’t caught or noticed. One thing about technology development is it never rests and continues to explore beyond human imagination at some point and create ideal gadgets. This one lets is not your usual gadget but a different in a way that it helps you catch if someone is lying to you.

So you must have been told many lies by your friends and your lovers. So this time, you will let that judgment be done by your newest spy gadget and lie detector machine Electric Shock Lie Detector. So if you want to find if the person is telling a lie or not, just ask him to place his/her hand into the mould. First, warm up the device by asking the person some general questions like name, date of birth, where he/she lives etc. Before you start to ask real questions, just make sure that the person’s hand (palm) touches all the sensors. Now you can begin asking him/her questions and press the ‘analyzer’ button.

If the person is lying, he will receive an tingling electric shock as a punishment. Basically this device uses the vital status of the person to show the results. When a person is telling the truth, then there will be no shocks. Interestingly, the device includes five sequential LEDs including three red and two green that tells whether you are deviating from the truth or telling a proper truth to you and gives electric shock accordingly.

So it is better to ask questions to the person who you want to know whether he/she is telling a lie by putting him/her into interrogation under the oath of Electric Shock Lie Detector who will never let you down. Before you start to ask questions, make sure that you are willing to face the truth yourself.

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  1. that lie detecters doesnt work properly, iam a vegan and i said i dont like becon and i got a shock how come? even when i use to eat meat i never liked becon much. and i said to the machine iam not a alien i didnt get a shock. so we took the machine back to argos.

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