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ipod alarm clock
Waking up on week days is no easy feat. Especially when you are in much needed rest, waking up, and rising, is really a difficult task. Picture this: you are drifting away in dreamland and when suddenly, you are pulled away from your dreams into bright daylight with an incessant, loud, and really annoying ring of your alarm clock. Don’t you just wish you could be wakened in a different manner? Yes, there’s the radio alarm clocks that wakes us up in an easier manner by giving us the morning news or music from a local station.

Well, here’s a new one. Ipod Alarm Clock. It’s an alarm clock where you can synch your Ipod to and voila, you can wake up to your favorite tunes in your Ipod play list. With the dimensions of 14.0 centimeters in height, width at 14.0 centimeters and weighing just 0.5 kilograms, you can put it anywhere without taking up too much space. It is user friendly too in that once you hook, or more likely insert, your Ipod into the system, it, your Ipod, automatically becomes a clock. Forget the worry of not waking up on time because of the possibility that the Ipod won’t work since it ran out of batteries. Worry not, the alarm clock will charge it for you. Thus, it will ensure that you will really wake up on time. This alarm clock guarantees to work with any kind of Ipod except the shuffle. And another thing, it comes in three colors: black, pink or white. You choose!
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