Dynaflex Powerball Gyroscope

Powerball Gyroscope

Powerball Gyroscope

The new geeky toy that will amaze you is the power ball that glows in color blue. Somehow similar with the original yet it is more astonishing because of its glowing in blue as its LED glows inside that is already a built in.

It glows like a star while it is spinning. The more faster of spin the more brighter it becomes. Truly fascinating when played inside a darkened room with friends.You’ll be truly amazed by this little piece of blue thing.

The power ball slowly starts from 2500 rpm and is gradually raising its speed to 13,000 rpm. A very good time to see this powerball spin so fast while it glows in blue.

It also records its own speed through its built-in digital display. You can monitor how much your powerball had gone through spinning until it stops. it even records its maximum rpm in its memory and hold it until a new high score is achieved or you have resetted its memory.
You’ll be dangerously addicted to spinning all day this powerball to achieve higher scores. Directly experience the Gyroscopic Effect as it is a little presentation of Newtonian physics.

Don’t get blue play this power ball, bid one here.

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  1. I recently purchased a Dynaflex Blue Powerball and am 110% satisfied with the product. It is a fun gadget, my kids love to play with it because of the blue lights, and its portable. I can carry this ball around with me in my purse and use it while sitting in my car. It helps tone and strengthen my arns and the workout intensity is up to me. I had a little trouble getting it started so I called the company numer on the package and they were more then willing to stay on the phone with me to help me get it started and in a few minutes, I was able to do it on my own.

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