Don’t let the water drip

Conserving water and energy is a big deal in everyone’s lives. The continuous shortage to some parts of the world poses as a big threat and should be heeded by all mankind. In lieu of this, designer Julia Treutiger has designed a shower head that “thinks’ to help you conserve water.

This gadget has divisions which acts as timers every time you take the shower head off its cradle. The segments then slowly snap back into place slowly but it still gives you enough time to rinse your hair and body before it automatically shuts off the device to help you realize that you are already wasting too much precious water.

This shower head is a great design especially since most people leave the water running even if they’re not using it. Like when you’re brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair, water doesn’t have to be pouring out of the faucet. However, some people have been used to hearing the water splash down on the floor but in times where we have to be environmentally conscious, even a single drop is considered a big waste.

Now hurry up and scrub those remaining suds behind your ears before time runs out!!

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