Dolphin Submarine on the go


Yes, we all love new gadgets, new innovations and that definitely means a lot of fun. Here at geekiegadgets, we present to you an entirely new gadget that you can use and play with. Talk about toys for the big boys and girls, here is a very exciting dolphin submarine !


Introducing the Seabreacher from Innerspace. Yes it is a submarine for you. Now, if we have extra moolah, we can buy a toy that we can play with and act like dolphins. Dive deep into the sea. Plunge from the sky. Jump up from the river. Roll around. Everything that a dolphin can do, now you can mimick and experience the feeling of being  a mammal living in the sea.


If you fancy a personal submarine and have a few million dollars spare then the Innespace Seabreacher maybe for you. Its a two-seater submersible designed to look and move like a dolphin.

Made to move like a dolphin, the vessel uses the downward lift of its wings to jump out of the water, and it can even do barrel rolls.


A follow-up to the company’s original one-seat design (called — wouldn’t you know it — the Dolphin), the Seabreacher uses the same canopy as an F-22 fighter jet, keeping the roomy interior nice and dry inside a watertight seal.




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