Doll as a Gadget

Sounds so weird but in Japan, a certain doll is being used as a gadget. The doll is known as Takaratomy Yumel Partner Doll and if you are fond of collecting dolls, you would simply love this one. It’s becoming very famous because of the reported advantages from using it.
It is really hard to imagine that a doll could be so useful to the owner and existing for a purpose of helping. Well, but this doll is no ordinary doll and was not designed for display or collection only. Takaratomy Yumel Partner Doll is known to be a “healing partner.”
Let’s say if you are a mother that needs to run over the house to do all the household chores and at the same time to take care of an infant. Ordinary sound detectors usually fails on alarming the mother and or sometimes, the sound is too loud that could make the baby cry more.
Then, here comes Takaratomy Yumel Partner Doll as a toy and gadget in one to help moms out there in managing the busy household. This gadget would monitor his owner’s sleeping pattern to relay mothers that the baby is slight awake or in deep sleep. This toy gadget would sleep also while the owner is sleeping. Then would wake up once it sensed the owner is awake.
Waking up would never be boring because this toy gadget would sing to its owner. This would make your baby’s morning very colorful. This is ideal also for adult so never have a second thought to give this as a present to your friends.

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