Do you need a voice change?


Admit it, sometimes you just wish you could change the way your voice sounds so you could play tricks on people over the phone or answer the phones that are intended for you and still say that you’re not home. It’s amazing what a voice scrambler can do for you and the things you could get away from using this small yet useful and fun spy gadget.

A voice scrambler and recorder lets you record your voice and play it as is or change the way it sounds to your liking. It’s great for playing pranks on your friends or if you want to fool your parents into thinking that you are still in your room when in fact you already climbed down through your window and are already out partying with friends. Just record your voice, you could play it back with your normal voice or you could scramble it to sound totally different.

It’s a spy gadget that is perfect for disguising most especially through phone calls. It may be a spy gadget to some but for kids, it’s an awesome toy that they simply can’t get enough of. See how it amazes the little ones when they start to hear their voice transform into a scary-sounding voice!

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