Do you find it hard to say I love you?


Saying I love you can be difficult especially if you’d say it for the first time. Do you love someone but don’t have the guts to say it to her? Well, you could try texting her or sending her an e-mail saying how much you love her but you just couldn’t say the words to her yet. Sure you could do that but that is just so boring!

The whole courting game is not easy and you should impress if you don’t want to get ditched. Animals know this very well. In order to get a mate, they should impress the female and she would choose the male that swept her off her feet. It’s the same with women! If you want to impress her, would you just text her an “I love you” message? Not!

[amtap amazon:asin=B000RN2YVI]Buy an I love you message egg and give it to her. You’d get a clear container with an egg inside. You crack the top of the egg and you water it just like an ordinary plant and soon the love bean would appear then in time the first leaves would have I love you written on them. When it gets larger, you have to transfer it to a pot and show it to the whole world! It’s cool and it’s so sweet! This will definitely sweep her off her feet!

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