Disney Cinderella phone

What if Cinderella forgot her cellphone instead of her shoe? Will Prince Charming, like in the fairy tale, search for its mysterious owner to give it back or will he simply keep it for himself? With the magic of the new Cinderella phone, Prince Charming might think twice on returning what he found.

This state-of-the-art cellphone from Disney astonishes users with its widescreen feature: a 2.6-inch screen, excellent for viewing your favorite clips and movies, allowing you to enjoy non-stop video-viewing for about 5 hours and 45 minutes – double the life of most cellphones. Handy in travel, the Cinderella phone boasts of a standby time which can last up to more than 300 hours. Now, say goodbye to your worries searching for those electric outlets.
Truly charming with its folding screen and sparkly exteriors, you can pimp this cool gizmo with colors ranging from clear crystal, brown topaz, and pink diamond. It is user-friendly and convenient to use as an SD card reader anywhere you want.
Included in this high-tech gadget are preloaded Cinderella wallpapers, themes, and sounds, all from the original movie “Charming Dream.” But, do not take this phone lightly. If you think this cellphone is made for kids, think again. The price of this Disney-made gadget does not come cheap. Built with an incredibly large memory, it can hold up to more than six hours-long of non-stop videos.
The Cinderella Phone is the perfect replacement for your average television, especially when you want convenience in your travel.

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