Digitus Ring: Time in a ring

What time is it? Its pretty obvious you will look at your watch or your cell phone. How about watching time in your ring? One of the cool gadgets that I reckon is this ring that shows time! and you never felt any better before.

You have seen cool fashion designers collections with weird hats or bags, this time splash yourself with a Digitus ring. Designer Charles who developed Digitus believes we are yet to witness some advance development in digital compact world and No.. we are not talking only about mobile phones, computers and stuff. A new era of intelligent development in compact but more smart devices has just begun.

It looks like your regular ring but when a super arrangement of nearly fourteen hundred spheres of magnetic and decorative material that are
so well coordinated, that the ring can rotate in all direction and display the time depending on inputs.

So next time, when you think of giving someone a gift, this might be your greatest option.

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