Digital Photo Frame

We all admit, watching a picture frame loading different pictures did freak some Doubting Thomases among us. But wait, just imagine sitting on the sofa as you listen to your favorite music when suddenly the pictures in the frame moves. Its ok, rub your eyes, then look again. The picture in the frame moves and just as spontaneously changes into another picture. Remarkable? You bet!

The Kenko KDF-07 will actually play video clips and MP3’s too. Simply connect your device with the frame through USB and transfer the media. The frame don’t do just that, it also supports MPEG 1, 2, and 4 movie formats. Breathless? Wait till you hear about this: You can edit various settings with the simple menu which otherwise you think is impossible before. It is the perfect something for the techies concerned with extras like transition effects, transition time, auto fit size, add/delete images and many other features.

One day, your neighbors might just come gazing around your home. When that time comes, the digital photo frame is the perfect gadget to amaze them and take their breaths away. Just stick it in your wall, and like magic, the whole atmosphere will turn from boring to incredibly futuristic. Even more, compared to your regular photo albums, this mega device can store up to several hundreds of pictures and you will not worry any more about driving into the mall and having your photos developed.

The KDF-07 has a little pocket that slides out of the seven inch frame to hold the remote, and then retracts when not in use. This is a good innovation considering that these tiny remotes can easily be lost.

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