Digital Pen: Sending SMS and Email From a fountain Pen

Our civilization has grown up through centuries of not just communicating but using gesture, inflection, spoken and written texts as well. Writing has always been one of the great sources of perceptions as well as technological evolution through out histories of man kind. Every once in a while, there is always a birth of new technology, that sometimes it blows the sock off.

At the first glance, it looks like a nice looking traditional fountain pen. But what if you can send SMS or Send email messages just by writing it? Yes, this is possible and credit goes to D-Scribe who designed a new Digital Pen that can send SMS and Email messages. All you need is a surface to write on and Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. It converts your handwriting into digital form and is ready to send your SMS or Email message via Bluetooth enabled phone. Simply write your message and circle the name of recipient to indicate who to send it to. There is a small built-in LED screen that updates you on the status of your message.

So quit thinking what to write. Keep this pen handy and write everything that pops in your mind at exact moment.

Source: Yanko Design

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