Digital Pacifier Thermometer

When a child gets sick, utmost attention and close monitoring is very vital. We have to check their temperature before and after taking their medication. For mothers, this might be the hardest part, since babies can get restless and irritable when they’re sick. Using the traditional thermometer (glass with mercury) could be dangerous for little kids, since they are a bit restless and they tend to get fussy everytime you put the thermometer in their mouth or armpit, which might cause the glass to break and the mercury to leak. The Ear Thermometer is the safest and easiest way to get a child’s temperature, but it could also be quite expensive.

So, for those who only want the best for their kid’s health, I recommend the PACIFIER THERMOMETER. It works just like an ordinary pacifier. Simply place it in the child’s mouth and wait for the pacifier to beep, which means that the reading is complete. The reading can either be in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It also has a red and green Fever Alert glow feature which determines if it’s time for you to have your child checked by his/her pediatrician.

The Pacifier Thermometer is a safe and accurate way of taking your child’s temperature. Not to mention it is also cheap, for only $9.99.

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