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Bionic Ear Listening Device
I am in love with Stella. She’s a Moroccan born sultry girl just beside our humble abode. What’s cool about this is that our rooms are across each other. Thus, I always see her while she’s studying or singing or sometimes sleeping. I want to know more about her that’s why I am looking for a product that can help me detect information regarding this purely exotic stunner. I find this Bionic Ear Listening Device to be one of the most amazing spy gadgets that I have ever purchased. This cool device can capture a sound from 100 yards away. Thus, I am able to hear from our house how great voice my Stella has.
This device a booster that amplifies a sound by 40 decibels using one 9-volt battery that can last up to 40 hours. What’s cool about this product is that you can choose what you want to hear. You can point the direction of your microphone to your desired location and you will be able to focus the sound coming from there. It also has an auto shut-off circuit that shut off sounds over 95 decibels to ensure that you won’t get ear problems in future. And since it captures sound, you can also record everything that it captures, thus I am able to replay the beautiful voice of my Stella. This great product, by the way, only costs me $ 189.95. It’s cheap compared to other surveillance gadgets available in the market.  Having this product is totally an amazing experience!

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