Cube for the Blind

Cube for the Blind
My friend is celebrating his 21st year of existence. He is one of the most intelligent persons that I know. However, due to an accident, he turned blind. After that incident he became aloof and unhappy. He was always angry even when I am just talking to him about normal things. Since he is a friend of mine, I am always trying to become patient every time he rants how everything is so wrong. How the world hates him. And a lot of other ramblings. Anyway, what I wanted for his birthday is a gift that will be very useful for him. Something that will not degrade his situation. So I browsed the net and check the products that are made especially for the blind. One of the coolest gadgets that stands out among other things is this Rubik’s cube created especially for the blind. The concept is basically simple. Six different materials are used in making this cube. Metal, wood, textile, rubber, plastic and stone were placed in every layer of the Rubik’s cube. Since every thing used in this cube has different textures, a blind man can now identify those textures and he can be able to play the game!! What’s cool about this gadget is that it can help a blind man with his analytical skills and plus his familiarity with textures. I think this is a perfect gift that I can give to my friend. And I am really sure that he’ll love this specially made gadget. This exotic cube, by the way, was designed by Zhiliang Chen.

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