Couch Potatoes Unite!

If you’re one of those people who love watching TV but hate standing up to buy a new pack of beer or chips, this gadget is perfect for you. Armchair Cruisers can take you anywhere without getting your rear off the seat. This cozy chair is armed with a joystick to drive you around your block in the comforts of your own chair. However, it does not end there! The Armchair Cruiser comes equipped with a stereo that can blare your choice of music while you take a cruise around your neighborhood. The comfortable cushion on these seats will definitely rid you of those sore spots that irritate you when you’ve been sitting for too long (maybe it’s a sign that you should get off that chair?).

Did somebody just shout “Lazy Bum!” at you? No need to strain your neck to find out who it is, the Armchair Cruiser can rotate 360 degrees for your pleasure. You can rid yourself of annoying neck cramps while enjoying the view and you can give those “jerks” a stare they won’t ever forget.

Don’t think that the Armchair Cruiser can only be enjoyed by people who are in an everyday “relaxed” mode. This gadget is also quite beneficial for the elderly and for those who have difficulty moving around. It moves almost noiselessly to keep our grandparents settled and undisturbed.


The Armchair Cruiser comes in different designs to fit your taste and it caters to the different needs of various people. Race enthusiasts can pile up their stickers on the Armchair Cruiser and can even take it for a mini-race with their friends. Clumsy people need not worry; spills are a thing of the past since the movable couch can be easily cleaned. You can do so much more with the Armchair Cruiser, just use your imagination and let it run wild.

Sold at $3995 for a single seater and $7995 for the loveseat, these handcrafted babies can take you to a convenience store, to the newsstand, or even in your garden for a relaxing newspaper read while you soak up some rays.

Annoy and amuse your family, neighbors and friends with the Armchair Cruiser that will surely brighten any couch potatoes day.

armchair cruiser

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