Cordless Ring Scanner: It’s all in your fingertips

Once upon a toxic day, the item to be entered in your store’s database seem to endless, and every move seem to be so tedious, including the very act of picking up and putting down that scanner, every time you need to scan a barcode.

Surely, technology won’t be taking its toll on you for being such a cross-patch, that instead of being appreciative of what goodness this scanner might bring into your encoding life, you are rather irritated by it. And instead of making life a bit harder for you to learn your lesson, technology is still tolerant with the invention of the Cordless Ring Scanner 9P.

The cordless ring scanner eliminates the process that you dread most and giving you your both hands to do something, other than scanning those barcodes! With this new phenomena, you could handle goods and packages, use the telephone and do other things with your now idle hands without even missing an item to be scanned!

Powered by the Bluetooth wireless bar code, the Socket CRS 9P offers Bluetooth eas able to meet a wide range of application requirements and make mobile scanning convenient.

Another first, the CRS is designed to fit on the index finger and is tethered to a Bluetooth unit that is strapped on the wrist. The Bluetooth unit transmits data wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled mobile computer.

Both the ring scanner and the Bluetooth unit are made of an exclusive LiquidMetal construction for extreme durability that can be used in the most demanding environments. LiquidMetal is more than twice as strong as Titanium.

End now those toxic days and live happily ever after by clicking on the image below, now!

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