Cool Gadget for Land Surveyor and Engineers


Calling all land surveyors and Engineers out there. Fresh new product is here to help you around. With the Brightline Pro Series Professional Laser Alignment System, you could save work hours for your team finishing the foundation.

We have heard of so much manpower hours being wasted due to mistakes done in the ground alignment of civil works or foundation. These mistakes could actually be avoided if the land surveyors or Engineers are equipped with the most reliable construction gadget. Unfortunately, most gadgets used were the old fashion measuring system.

The wasted time and effort just to correct mistakes were actually part of the losses both the contractors and the owners. With this new gadget, there would never be mistakes again; the work will be faster, safe and more accurate because of the special features of the product.
This would display the highest visibility of the area or vicinity. The green light display is 5-10 times more visible and readable to the naked human eye compared to ordinary red laser light in the market.
Other features are:

  • Ultra-Low Divergence
  • TTL Modulation:
  • Adjustable Focus:
  • Adjustable Power (Adjustable brightness power supply)
  • Bracket
  • Dimensions
  • Red 635
  • Green 532

And when it comes to product assurance, the manufacturer does offer a 6-month warranty. Warranty covers replacement of defective parts. Brave enough to offer replacement because they themselves are assured of the high standard that the product could offer to the consumer. Check more about the product in different sites for your confidence. This is the gadget that would make Engineers and land surveyors happy.

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