Cheapest Mp3 Player


You don’t need to spend big bucks on those hi-tech mp3 players when all you really need is a gadget that lets you listen to music for a few hours at a time. Sure iPods are cool but not everyone could afford to pay big bucks just to listen to their favorite music. Why choose to pay a lot if you can find a product at a bargain price? For a bargain price of only $9, this media player is perfect for those who simply like to listen to their favorite music no more, no less.

Evergreen’s screenless MP3 player that plays mp3 files for SD memory card. It weighs only 30 grams so it’s really tiny! It has a rubber body so it looks cute too! It runs for up to 5 hours using only 1 AAA battery. You can buy a 1 GB SD memory card and enjoy listening to about 250 songs. You don’t really need a huge memory, 250 songs is a lot already and you could just change the songs contained in your memory card so definitely this gadget is really a bargain!

For just $9, how else can you beat it? It’s a practical gadget for music fans!

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