Channel Master 4228 HDTV Antenna

If you’re someone who loves to watch TV shows and movies then you probably have an HDTV sitting in your living room or bedroom. However, your HDTV is quite useless if you don’t get to watch your favorite shows on cable. But with all the prices sky rocketing out of proportion, it’s best to just stare at a blank screen while you admire your TV’s silky smooth finish, or maybe you can just listen to the white noise emanating from your precious TV.

Turn your frown upside down and grin from ear to ear! With HDTV antennas you can get free, yes free, HDTV receptions over the air for no extra cost.

But there are so many out there in the market, which one should I choose? That’s why I’m writing this post my friend. May I introduce you to the Channel Master 4228 HDTV Antenna. The Channel Master 4228 gives great reception so you can finally watch those impossible to reach UHF stations you thought you’d never get to watch. The 4228, when attached to a great preamplifier, has the ability to locate UHF stations that are 65 miles away!

What are you waiting for? Mount this 800-pound baby outdoors, preferably on the highest part of your roof where you’re sure it won’t fall, and these tv antennas will even be able to give you high-band VHF channels!

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