Ceramix For Mix: Spoon is History, Coffee smells Good

Innovative invention works always on our growing expectation for new technology which helps on our day to day lives. By casting new things with simplicity and versatility which comes naturally to open up your mind, out in the front, the time is long gone when you have to look for a clean spoon to swirl your coffee or tea.

Inspirational Designers from France, Florian Dussopt, Jérémie Reneau & Julie Girard, who are enjoying their coffee in newly their developed “Ceramix For Mix”, a cup with saucer that flows with an elegant look. This is not your normal cup. As you will discover, this elegant looking cup has more to offer than just keeping a tea or coffee. The main idea behind this is, there is presence of small ceramic ball in a molded glass which gives a track to that ball. So when you are ready with tea, just add some of sugar on your tea, start swirling it and the centrifugal force that is generated helps to mix and blend the sugar with your tea.

The spoon is no longer needed and it will save the time as well. The increasing role of such devices saves time and use of other things. That is how innovative thinking comes up and create efficient and convenient product like this which will help you to drink your tea or coffee with joy and pride.

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