Casulo–your own bedroom in a box

Great things come in small packages. This saying is mostly linked to a human person, but nowadays it can be used to describe laptop notebooks, mp3 players, mobile phones and now, even for Furniture.

The Casulo, designed by Marcel Krings and Sebastian Mühlhäuser, is a fresh concept that will change the way people see furniture. It may look small on the outside but it definitely has a lot hidden inside its compartment.

Measuring 31 inches by 47 inches, this gadget can build you a full bedroom complete with a six-shelf bookcase, a desk, a closet, two stools, an adjustable chair, and of course a bed equipped with a mattress.

This bedroom in a box is perfect for people on the go and for those with small living spaces. If you have an unexpected guest and have no spare room to give them, the Casulo can provide you with an easy solution to your problem. No need to worry about your guests waiting for their room to be set up since it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes without using any of your tools.

It’s great for people who want space in their room, simply disassemble the Casulo and keep it until the time comes for you to set it up again.

With a design like this, it’s probably not long before Bag-a-home is invented and made available.

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