Cassette music to iPod?

Are you living in te retro days? Did you keep your old cassette tapes in your cabinet ? Do you miss the old songs that you’ve been listening to before? Then this USB Cassette Deck is really for you! For a very reasonable price you can now listen to your old songs and reminisce the past. You can even try to preserve them by copying them to your computer and transfering it to a CD or even to your very own mp3 player!


This Ion USB Cassette Deck comes with the EZ Tape Converter by MixMeister, a program that can convert your audio cassette recordings directly into your iTunes. In just a few minutes, you can run the mile with your favorite deck songs playing digitally into your very own iPod.


Wonderful isn’t it? Buy one now.

Product Features

  • Quickly transfer music on your tapes to MP3 format on your computer
  • Dual dubbing cassette deck
  • LED Audio Level Indicators
  • “A” Deck for cassette playback only. “B” Deck can play and record.
  • Copy from one cassette to another at regular or high-speed
  • Metal and CrO2 tape selector
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • Audacity (Mac and PC) and EZ Tape Converter (PC) recording software included
  • Plug and Play USB compatibility with both Windows (XP, 2000, Vista) and Mac OS X
  • Packaged with all necessary cables to interconnect with both a computer and stereo playback system

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