Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 400D


Canon has always been known for their superior quality at a reasonable price. Their top ranking camera, the Canon Eos Digital Rebel XTi 400D, has 10.1 megapixels CMOS sensor, nine point auto focus, 3fps with a continuous shooting of up to 27 frame burst, awesome 2.5″ LCD monitor with a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees both vertical and horizontal, DIGIC II, improved user interface and an EOS intergrated cleaning system just to name a few of its features.

The EOS integrated cleaning system is an innovated technology that helps in reducing, repelling and removing sensor dusts and it also has a self-cleaning sensor unit that automatically shakes the sensor upon turning the camera on.

Sensor dusts appear as shadows on digital photographs and would ruin the quality of your photographs. These dusts could enter your camera during lens replacement and they are difficult to remove. You could use a blower to remove them but it’s not always effective. Using a cotton swab could also prove to be dangerous to your camera and most likely, you would have to visit the nearest Canon dealer to have the dust removed from your camera’s mirror or shutter chamber.

DIGIC II is a tiny super computer that renders color with great precision, speed and accuracy. It is both fast and power resistent and delivers a fast start-up time of just about 0.2 seconds.

With all these great features, you may think that this awesome digital camera would be quite heavy. The Canon EOS 400D is compact and lightweight. It weighs only about 510 grams.

With Canon EOS 400D, the world is your playground.

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