Camcorder Pen: Spy pen with style

Riding the crime wave, we have seen justice being served by our silver screens greatest spy knowingly identified as James bond with his latest gadgets and technology splashing all over the silver screen. Anybody gets tempted with the amazing gadgets that we see in the movies. It is proved that technology now embraces all parts of our lives and entwined with every work and influences every decision you make. Being a part of, you will always receive not only the latest but the things that you expected not to be existed. You might be excited with another piece of spy gadgets for your hidden and secret venture. Take a close look around this Camcorder Pen that records anything you want without being noticed or getting caught.

Grooving with cool looking stylish pen that sits in your pocket like a normal pen does but the hidden function is unknown to everyone. It is small and can be used at anytime, anywhere when you want to catch someone doing something in front of you. Unlike other spy pen, this Camcorder pen comes with new and improved CMOS sensor for better function. This pen captures the video in MPEG4 –AVI format with sound at range of 10 meters by the built in microphone.

Okay, the space that this pen holds is 1 GB that is well enough to capture up to 3 hours of videos. More interestingly the focus range of this spy cam is from 150 mm to infinity, capturing at rate of 15 fps with 352×288 resolutions videos plus 128 kbps PCM audio. The buffering technology helps to record and encode the videos on the fly in mpeg4 format. The unit can be charged via USB output as it includes internal batteries. Doesn’t this sound so simple, when you have a pen that writes in style and captures everything around you secretly? Now, again you can venture your secret adventure of your own. Make sure it is fully charged and don’t lose it.

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