By land or by sea

Wouldn’t it be fun to go to the beach for absolutely no reason at all and just splash around while enjoying the cool breeze? The only problem with this setting is all those extra stuff you have to bring. What if you want to buy a smoothie and a pack of chips and on your way, you may want to grab a hotdog as well? It’s such a long walk and you just want to glide through all those people while feeling the light wind on your face. Or what if you want to wade in the water with a little more speed? Fret no more beach, sand and fun lovers! Behold the Amphibious Kick Scooter.

The newest concept from Jieyu Design to hit land and water, the Amphibious Kick Scooter can take you anywhere on land with its, you guessed it, electric scooter functions which has two hub motors that can be found inside the wheels. On water, the wheels functions as a thrust support to push out the water in a particular direction to help you move forward without much effort.

Get the best of both worlds with the Amphibious Kick Scooter and have fun in the sun.

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