Buy yourself a cool wi-fi t-shirt

wifi shirtWouldn’t it be cool to step on to a wi-fi area and the crowd will be in awe with the cool design of your t-shirt? Show them your geeky style, by wearing a wi-fi t-shirt that detects the wi-fi signal whenever there is a signal.

It comes in blue and green illuminating design and it detects signals from 802.11b to 802.11g and when the signal fluctuates, you can just check your t-shirt as its design shows fluctuation as well. No need to constantly check your notebook or any other wi-fi gadgets if there is a signal in that area; just check your t-shirt! It if illuminates then you can browse your way to the internet.

How does it work? Well, it has a built-in battery that you could turn on whenever you feel like putting on a show. The small battery pack is hidden inside the hem that you could easily turn on and off whenever you want to.

It really is a practical way of showing off your geeky side. Who said geeks and fashion don’t mix? Many geeks care about how they look and want to show the world how brilliant their minds are so this is a great shirt for geeks and wannabe geeks alike!

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