Black-I Robotics Landshark DUCGV

Black-I Robotics Landshark DUCGV (unmanned crossover ground vehicles) are faster, stronger, and more affordable than most robots on the market today. The design has been recognized for its use in military operations and has been awarded an $800,000.00 contract from the U.S. Governments Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). They plan on developing and testing low-cost, robust, and mid-size unmanned ground vehicles that can be used for defense and homeland security operations.

Black-I Robotics utilizes (COTS) commercial-off-the-shelf in conjunction with propriety hardware and open source (JAUS) software. This technologically scalable core robot chassis makes it adaptable to several major markets. Applications can be used to assist First Responders, military and non-military EOD, SWAT, hazmat, physical security, firefighting, search and rescue, reconnaissance, battlefield casualty extraction, surveillance and target acquisition. With integrated software technology Black-I Robotics intends to create the most adaptable and affordable unmanned ground vehicles on the market.

Brian Hart founded Black-I Robotics Inc and incorporated it in 2006 in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. He was a senior executive in pharmacy automation when his son, 20 year old PFC John Hart, was killed in action in an unarmored Humvee near Taza, Iraq, in October 2003. He left a Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical company in 2004 to push Congress for safer military vehicles. His development of the Landshark DUCGV is in hopes that there will be less military causalities and less families suffering from that type of loss.

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