Bike and Carry

I used to have my own car when I was still in college. However, once I graduated and started working for slave drivers (I hope my boss doesn’t read this), my dad took away my beloved car and sold it to open up their small business.

Now I’m just like everyone else who walks and takes public transportation to get to their destination. It’s all good and everything but what I hate most about it is the continuous increase of fare prices and the non-stop disappearance of money in my purse.

If your problems are the same as mine, stand back and be amazed at the wonder that is “One”. No, you dummy, it’s not Neo, the “One” is a modish bicycle that can be carried around after usage for a quick and gas-free journey. Travel in style and wave goodbye to traffic as this modern bike eases your worry about gas price hikes plus it’s environment friendly too. No need to worry about locks and where to park your bike, simply fold it and tote it along with you. No fuss, no mess and you’ll definitely save more while keeping your body healthy.

Check out to know more about the “One”.

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