BIC Mobile Phones: A New Disposable Mobile Phones

An invention with more innovation, compatibility and flexibility that brings you new era of communication without bounds by well known company BIC, who are famous for making disposable shavers and pens, has announced a launch of a new Disposable Mobile Phones to its customers.

Exploring the boundaries of what is possible, the new BIC Phone is capable of just making phone calls and sending SMS which comes with a SIM card that has 60 minutes of free calls with 2 months validity after activation. This disposable device which will cost you around Euro 49 is available at most retail outlets.

A good step in developing a compelling technology in communication, BIC Phone comes with a phone number included in the packaging and a fully-charged battery. You can always buy extra minutes through the use of a mobicarte and it works the same way as your normal pre-paid mobile phones.

Initially, BIC mobile phone which is made by TCL, better known from its Alcatel brand, is currently only available in France and the service is powered by Orange France.

Hopefully, we will get our hands to it when BIC will expand outside of France and all across Europe and then finally reaching in US, if it is proves to be successful in delivering greater performance.

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