Barcodes in the past, RFID for the present and future

Have you noticed the store clerks having difficulty encoding the prices on those barcodes from our grocery products? It’s because these barcodes are not sensitive enough and they sometimes have to try and retry until the machine would positively encode the price of the items.

RFID is much better than barcodes. RFID or radio frequency identification cards are comprised of its two main components; the rfid readers and the rfid transponders. It works just like a barcode but you don’t need to manually encode each item as an RFID device works within a few feet distance from the scanner and you can just put all the grocery items in one place and have the items encoded all at the same time. It saves time and energy!

Reader collisions and tag collisions are some of the common problems with RFIDs. The tags are not able to respond to simultaneous queries thus it needs to have the set up done carefully to avoid such problems. Having RFIDs instead of using barcodes would greatly reduce the time customers need to spend in line for their grocery purchases! It’s a great investment and you would optimize your profit and leaving your customers all happy!

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