Annoucing new YDS-11SL ipod dock from Yamaha

You have just been struck with latest ipod dock – the YDS-11SL released by Yamaha that allows you to tune up your favorite music stored on your iPods from your home theater system. Take a control of your high end music system with this newly launched device that will give an unparallel gig with the mix to your iPod experience.

Absolute fresh in the market, The Company says “The iPod’s display will also appear on the users’ video displays through Yamaha’s On-Screen Display visual interface, allowing you easy control.”

If you can connect YDS-11SL to Yamaha’s receivers and company’s YSP-3050, what you will get is full throttling home theatre system.

The dock is compatible with the iPod touch, nano, mini and all clickwheel iPods. You can also play videos on your TV when the dock connected to Yamaha receiver. No kidding, when this dock will charge your iPod while your iPod is playing time. So make your mind and get YDS-11SL for your iPod to make a beautiful couple which is available now on Yamaha’s online store for around $100.

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