Animation Station

Animation Station

Animation Station

Be thankful that you are blessed to have an inborn ability to create beautiful animations. This is your time to shine. Make it a reality to be a professional animator and start your own portfolio. The best thing is Animation Station makes it easier for you.

The animation Station packed everything to create your own 42 frame film, from begin until you finish! It is stuffed with a stop frame camera and four colored cards to set each frame you take! First thing, plan your movie plot. Craft your characters, cast them from the Plasticine provided and let your imagination work to the screen.

Everyone will be astounded at the excellence of your movie. You have also the option to attach the cable to the TV or PC to enjoy watching your animation. Save files on your PC and use various editing software to convert your files into a Window Media File movie.

The Animation Station has a full instructions and all you need is to run your imagination from all around to produce your very own animated short film. It is a wonderful way to encourage and practice creativity, imagination and develop an interest in making animation. And the good thing, you can make it in your own way.

Make your own movie, bid one here.

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