Analog TV signals no more

The United States Congress has already laid out plans to have the transition from analog television broadcasting to digital television a.k.a. DTV.

By February 17, 2009 all broadcasters are required to convert their programming to digital television programming thus analog signals will completely be gone. This is a great idea, considering that our televisions are not getting better and better, but some low-tech televisions would need to have some upgrading in order to enjoy this new technology. These equipments are just easy to install to analog televisions. You just need to purchase a converter box that would then convert the digital broadcasting signal to a format that your low-tech television could display. But, of course, if you could afford to buy a digital television then you’d get to enjoy viewing digitalized channels even more.

Don’t be confused about DTV and HDTV as both don’t necessarily mean the same thing. HDTVs can display digital broadcasting but DTVs can’t display the highest quality of the digital broadcasting that only the HDTV could.

So whether or not you have an HDTV or a DTV, by February 17 of 2009 you would fully enjoy a much better TV signal like never before. Prepare yourself for this, you still have months to prepare!

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