An Amazing Universal Remote Control

Apripoko remote control robot
Myriads of appliances and gadgets are being operated with the use of remote controls. Some times we encounter problem of losing the remote control for a specific appliance. Take the case of the lost remote control for your television set that you ended up changing the channel manually. Now this can be prevented if you are one heck of an organized dude, or if you have this funky yet amazing robot called ApriPoko. This robot gadget is designed by Toshiba, which is designed to be the universal remote control for your entire remote-controlled appliances. Sounds cool right? But how does this work per se? Let me give you an example. So you put Apripoko in your living room and you try to turn on or change the channel of your television. ApriPoko will ask you “what did you just do?”, then you tell the robot that you changed the channel to say channel 12. ApriPoko will remember this instance, and when you try to tell him to change the channel, he’ll be able to do that for you. You can do this to any other remote-controlled appliances you have at home with the help of ApriPoko. This clever yet cool-looking robot weighs only 5 pounds and measures 8 by 11 inches. So if you have problems finding the remote control for your telly, then I suggest that you purchase this great robot gadget from Toshiba. It’s light, funky and cute and will definitely help you with all your remote-controlled appliances.

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