Aluratek USB:-Internet Radio Jukebox

Internet Radio juke box

Internet Radio juke box

This USb is actually a Internet Radio Jukebox. This USB is designed by Aluratek and is commonly known as Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox. This USB plug and play device gives you access to more than 13,000 free internet radio stations in over 150 countries around the world with no monthly fees, installation cost etc. This device also verifies the audio quality of boardcasts and rejects those that are low quality.  This device automatically save the preferences for the future use.

Now this device proves the best for the ITdepartments as the corporate user with lock down machines, the interent radio Jukebox offers a workaround for your IT department’s employee proof locks or for the users those who are very obsessed with the internet security that they haven’t many things as a  bug fix in years. This device doesn’t requires any kind of downloaded applications as apples i-tune do.

With Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox you can search music geographically by continent or country or state. Users can also hear the news and the sports radio stations broadcast throughout the world. Users can search for top 10 radio stations of a country and can also add their favorites radio station into a folder.

The best features of Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox are:

  • Access to 13,000 stations worldwide.
  • No software installation or monthly charges.
  • Search music by generic
  • Directly connect to your computers USB.
  • Users can add their favorite radio statons

For using this device there are some  requirements that the user have to follow:

  • Windows 2000/Xp/Vista.
  • Internet Explorer 6 or 7.
  • Internet Connection/Access.

Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox is available at

[amtap amazon:asin=B001CK9760]

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