Aleratec USB Copy Cruiser Plus

Imagine you are already standing in the place you dreamt to visit long since you were a child. You take out your digital camera; click the shutters to capture your most-awaited moment, and suddenly, the camera’s memory goes full. Like heaven fell on earth, you did not bring along your laptop to transfer your files and the photos in your camera are all equally as important. You cannot delete them. What will you do?

This is where the Aleratec USB Copy Cruiser comes in like a miracle. Now, you can move your camera files to a USB device in just a plug away. You do not even need a computer to operate the stuff. As simple as connecting your digital camera to a triple A battery-powered gadget, you can have the feeling that you have gained virtually unlimited capacity – and unlimited convenience.
Anywhere you are, even if there is no laptop around, you can share music files with your friends. You can even transfer folders between two USB devices without the hassle of using a computer. Just plug the devices on both ends of the gadget, and you will be surprised how fast the copy cruiser works.
But, the amazing gadget does not stop to impress just yet. When connected to a computer, the USB Copy Cruiser Plus transforms into an external USB 2.0 8-in-1 card reader handy for any type of memory cards you have. It is safe, secure, fit for your budget, easy to use, and amazingly convenient.

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