AlcoHawk PT500 Breathalyzer: New Innovative Digital Alcohol Screener

Thousands of people get killed in automobile accident each year due to excessive drunk driving. Drinking alcohol can be very addictive without knowing anything about addiction. Many innocent people get killed by drunk driver and this is very big problem that our society faces these days. One has to get a hold on drinking problem and use AlcoHawk PT500 Breathalyzer to analyze how much you have consumed alcohol.

Especially design for personal and professional screening, AlcoHawk PT500 Breathalyzer is ideal device to screen blood alcohol content levels and shows reliable and accurate results. It also includes “special Sensor Recognition Technology which helps to monitor abnormal sensor conditions” as the maker AlchoHawk explains. It is very easy to setup. You just need to put the batteries, then connect a breathalyzer straw and turn the power on. It needs 10-12 seconds to warm up, after then it is ready to use. After blowing into a mouthpiece, an alarm sounds beeps indicating the completion of test and shows the results in LCD screen. Its cutting edge technology makes the results extremely accurate and eliminates the error or the false results. The blowing time and other features are completely adjustable with the change in environment and timing of alcohol consumption.

This unit is very useful especially for Cops, in hospitals and clinics, schools and other places. Moreover, you can keep it for personal use to find out your consumption level of alcohol which can save you from danger you might run into. This is a life saver device.

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