Airconditioning at its best

Do you mind looking fat, while feeling cold altogether?

How could it be possible that amid a hot sunny afternoon infront of your computer, you could feel cold and refreshed even without air conditioners and fans?

Impossible? Not anymore.

It seems like along with the birth of USB comes many possibilities like, USB powered Beverage coolers, gloves, slippers and others

Added to the roser is the USB powered air conditioned clothes.

While, everyone actually does have a natural air conditioner which is sweating this air conditioned clothes would like to intensify our natural airconditioners for the most refreshing feeling.

The clothes have two 10 centimeter fans located at the right and left sides at the back of the clothing near waist level. These fans draw in a large amount of air which helps vapourize thus dissipating sweat and bringing down the wearers body temprature.

The clothing comes with a switch to adjust the fan speed. Just connect your shirt to the USB port and be cool.

Now forget about the entire stress that everything that you see in your monitor can ignite, this new suit would surely sway you to the new “cool” dimension.

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