Abacus Wrist PDA

Abacus Wrist PDA

Abacus Wrist PDA

Ever thought of having a PDA functions in your Wrist watch??? Now your have came to reality with help of Abacus. Abacus has developed a wrist watch which contains the functionality of a PDA. This device is commonly known as the Abacus Wrist PDA. This Wrist watch PDA has an address book, calender, and a list of things to-do.  This device also contain some of the standard features that most of the PDAs have.

The Abacus Wrist PDA has a black lit screen because it display better than the coloured one in the sun.this device has a  160 x 160 resolution. It has touch screen display so that the users can find it very easy to navigate it. It uses Plam OS 4.1.2 version due which you can download any application you would like to make it more functional. The another feature of this wrist watch is that users can write a memo or a message nd has a on screen keyword or you can also use the jot.

The wrist watch  can also be set as a screen saver mode and can access it from the menu. The Abacus wrist watch runs on a rechargeable battery which can be charged using the AC adapter or the computers USB port. Another feature of the watch is that the users has to input a password inorder to see the files inside the PDA mode.  the battery of this device will hold upto 4 days if the user uses the gadget not more than 30 minutes a day.

The Abacus wrist PDAs case is made of stainless steel and the buckle of this device is stainless steel too. The bottom line is that its the best PDA for a business man because its small, fits on your wrists, and is very functional.

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