A Robot to Assist the Aged


This next machine is a fascinating intangible android produced by the University of Tokyo, and is intended to help out the elderly in their everyday tasks. The Mamoru may not lend its arms or legs for physical assistance, but it provides something that many old people lack and help them out of it: memory.

The eyes of the Mamoru are designed not only for aesthetics purposes. Those eyes of Mamoru are wide angle camera lenses, and are designed to scan objects with image detection software.

How this be of help? Let’s say that our granny’s can’t find their glasses, remote control, or slippers. The Mamoru will courteously inform her where they are placed because it is not vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease. It can automatically remind her when to take her medication. But is needed to be programmed.

Of course, you have to question the morals of this robot. Are you actually willing to leave your elders in the care of this robot? Aren’t you happy of taking care of them? Miserably, all I can consider on is how I desire the Mamoru to be capable to perform more vigorous support.

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