A robot for coffee-holics

Coffee is considered as the only staple drink that an office worker (especially those working on night shifts) drinks.  Coffee has a lot of nicotine that makes a person wide awake after drinking tons. With the continuous advancement of our technology it is safe to say that there are a lot of known gadgets that are being done to ensure the quality of living of the human kind. Take the case of this great robot gadget that was created for all those coffee-holic. Meet Javabot! He’s a computer-based robot that is programmed to deliver the most delicious coffee that you can ever drink. This robot has the ability to roast the coffee beans, make is brewed and serve it hot in just mere half minute. Thus, making it the only walk-in coffee machine available in the world. And I do believe that this will be one of the products that will have its time and will soon get a lo of upgrades and version. What’s cool about this Javabot is that you can meticulously choose what type of coffee you preferred to drink. You will be able to choose the coffee bean you like, the roasting procedure you think best suits you, and the brewing times and temperature of your drink. After choosing, you’ll just sit down and wait for half minute and voila! You’ll be drinking the most delicious coffee which you actually prepared. Try to look for a shop that has this amazing and well-thought gadget and experience the brilliance of Javabot.

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