A Pen Mightier Than A Scanner

Pens are just some of the things that can be forgotten to bring along and hard to find at unexpected times. As a fact, pens are an essential business tool to have these days despite the different advancement in technology. For one reason, it doesn’t need electricity, but a hand to make it work. Another is that, you won’t have to wait for it to get all booted up before you take note of something quick.

To date, pens remain to be the main method of getting your signatures down in legal documents and other papers. But then, the Zpen from Dane-Elec offers a whole new dimension to the writing pen by elevating handwritten notes to the modern digital age. The Zpen is a wireless digital pen that enables the transfer of handwritten notes as well as drawings over to the computer in just a matter of seconds. It relieves you of the painstaking process of scanning a piece of paper.

With its tiny clip-on receiver, the Zpen allows you to write on any kind of paper and after which, upload it in to the computer. The digitally converted text can now be viewed and edited using the computer by the use of the IMHO software. The clip-on receiver does its role as the recorder of the Zpen’s movement via infrared function and digitally modulated signals that is simultaneously transmitted to the Zpen’s flash memory. This intelligent gadget also has a built in Intelligent Character Recognition software that allows transfer to word processing documents in a snap.

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