A “Trauma Pod” A Robot in a Robotic trauma room save Soldiers lives.

The robotic technology used to perform a totally unmanned surgical procedure is their major hurdle. A human surgeon will be the actual conductor from a remote location, utilizing a system of surgical manipulators through wireless connection. A level of automation is needed to assist the surgeon during all phases of any surgical procedures. There will also be a robotic scrub nurse available to lend assistance or care for other patients.

A supply robot system SDS (Supply Dispensing System) is included in the “Trauma Pod”. It will dispense medications and supplies, as well as dispose of used supplies in a medical waste container. General Dynamics Robotic Systems have come up with several plans for this idea, which include SCMS (Supply Chain Management System) to assist with issuing and restocking orders.

SRI has the reputation to create and produce this technological idea. In the late 1980’s it was their da Vinci prototype that was approved by the FDA for use in general laparoscopic surgery. The da Vinci project was originally funded by the Army with the idea of a robotic system for battlefield medical assistance. They expect a prototype to be in effect in the next year hopefully speeding up the application of this needed technology.

For more information you can go to the SRI website at:


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