A new, luxury, and interesting lady bag, which is incorporated with tv screen on it. It is available in variety of colors which really appealing, leathers and fabrics that lasts long, this bag is a multimedia bag which is packed with built-in 7” LCD tv screen, dvd and mpeg player.

You won’t miss any episodes of your favorite showbiz interviews. You may record all those and make a copy on DVD and you enjoy watching it while on-the-go. If you want to, sit back comfortably on one side of bus or train you always ride on and put your lovely bag on your lap and play what you have burnt on DVD. If you run out of video to view, you are able to browse your picture collections and reminisce the those unforgettable moments.

You may wonder that you are the center of attention in the bus or train. Don’t worry it is a normal reaction of people around you; they are truly amazed of the gadget that you have. You may be the first one to have this kind of gadget.

This BagTV comes with a built-in lightweight battery that can last up to 2.5 hours of continuous viewing. Enough for a long travel.

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