Get a drink without the hassle!



     Technology is everywhere, from your office down to your own room, gadgets make our lifestyle easier than expected. Have you ever tried working inside your room or office then suddenly you felt thirsty ? Here’s a very cool gadget that you can get to reward yourself from all the fuzz and hassle of stopping what you are doing just to get a drink in the kitchen.


     Why exert effort of walking into the kitchen and grab a drink when you can have it brought to you by your very own remote controlled car? Call it the Booze Cruz. It includes a shot glass that sits and fits securely on top of the hot rod which would whizz around the floor. The car is sprayed red with a cool flame design embozed on the side. This is the best and the laziest way  I’ve come acrozz to get the drink without leaving work and walking through the refrigerator. Come on and try it today! Great as a gift for your dad or mom working inside his/her home office, or keep it for yourself.


  • Car – approximately 150 x 50 x 60mm
  • Box contains one car with controller, 4 cones, one shot glass
  • 4 x AA batteries (Not included)



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