“Plant Twitter” Household Plants are now Online!

Can you imagine getting a Twitter message from your plants reminding you to give them some water when you get home? Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because that technology is now available for purchase. The Chief Scientist at CERN was attempting to converse with a patch of catnip when he realized that the Twitter technology would be perfect for communication.

It connects to the Internet through a built-in Ethernet jack then metal leads stick into the plant’s soil and transmits directly to the plants Twitter feed. It communicates when it needs watered, whether it is overwatered, and then thanks you afterwards.

This product is similar to the “Blogging Plant” that was introduced last year, but the Twitter plant actually communicates at all times. It will send a Twitter message the moment it needs assistance and give gratitude the moment it is fulfilled. Currently this technology is sold as a kit, meaning you will need a soldering iron, and some patience. For $99 you get the fun of communicating with your plant via the internet and creating the technology that made it possible.

This product won’t “change” lives, but it does make life a little easier. If you are like me and definitely not blessed with a “green thumb”, then you kill most of your plants, you forgot to water them or didn’t realize they were in trouble until it was too late. This technology makes it possible for those with “green thumb” handicaps to become responsible plant owners.

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  1. Or…sticking your finger in the soil once in a while will provide the same result. 🙂

    Fair enough – getting a tweet from my houseplants might be fun. Once.

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