Q6600 Core 2 Quad

I don’t know about you but I am doing a happy dance about now. Intel has slashed it’s prices nearly by 1/2 on the 2.93GHz Core 2 Quad QZ6800 with a 1066MHz FSB and the 2.66 GHz Q6700 to $530, and the 2.4GHz Q6600.Prices are $999 for the QZ6800 and $300 for the Q6600. WOW! This will make the Q6600 the least expensive on the market and I would be willing to bet there are a few, if not many, ticked people out there today that paid double yesterday.

Intel also reduced the price of some Core 2 Duo processors.

Get in there and make the most of it.

I know that I will.

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