Hey! It’s the $4000 Hydrogen powered Eco-geek-bicycle!

If you want to be elected ‘Supergeek of the year’ at your job maybe you would like to down $4.000 on a bicycle?

In that case take a look at the Valeswood Pearl hydrogen-fueled, power-assisted bicycle, which motors up to 15 MPH and takes you about 80 miles before you need to charge the batteries.

When you’re finished with all the hard labor of pedaling, the bike folds up neatly and can be tucked away in the trunk of your 9 MPG SUV.

And even though that $4000 price tag may scare almost all some people away, we’re sure that there is a market for the bike.

If you want to sneak a test drive before purchasing the little miracle we recommend lurking around downtown San Fransisco and Google’s office, that have a high concentration of money-strong Eco geeks!

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